photo by William Johnson

About Aleph

Aleph Katz is a teenage playwright from East Texas. In 2019, she won the Tyler Civic New Play Festival for her play A Mind of My Own. She has published/produced multiple short stories, plays, and articles, and will soon release a children’s book for the organization Hope Springs Water.


Charlie Starborne hops over the fence and strolls down the street to the police precinct, where she is serving a year-long court-appointed sentence. She signs in, name and date, May 3, 2042.  She would do anything to escape the bland, bleak-walled precinct … until she is assigned to help develop the EASY program. This program can scrub through a person’s memories to identify culprits in a crime. 


When tragedy strikes, Charlie sees no option but to steal the EASY program, her heart set on solving the crime. But her past and new obstacles are there to hold her back. Her new mission will be difficult as she will face old enemies, be betrayed by her loved ones, and fight her way to an answer. Can she take the leap she needs to find a murderer and let go of a past that is staring her in the face?